Shypelyk dedicated the new capsule collection to the Ukrainian fields

The Ukrainian women’s clothing brand SHYPELYK presented a new summer capsule timed to the harvest. The calendar-ritual tradition of harvesting, which is important for the Ukrainian nation, and the vitality of Ukrainians in the most challenging periods inspired the brand not to stop working.

We need to celebrate any small victory, whether it’s a harvested crop or a new day.


The collection campaign was shot in the fields of Ukraine, which are ready for harvesting: sunflower, buckwheat, and wheat. The release date of the drop was adjusted to the beginning of the harvest also to release clothes for the transition period between summer and autumn – when it is still hot, but it is already cool in the evenings.

The brand rethought the Ukrainian shirt in the new capsule and used traditional weaving and stringing techniques. The drop included trousers with hand-knitted lace and lace hems, shawls with a cap, a dress with strung straps and pom-poms, and beaded syljans.

Sheets, as in everyday clothes of Ukrainians of the 19th century, shirts with a swallow in an authentic pattern and shape, a hand-quilted blanket. Lacquered and cotton scrolls, like those worn by girls to church, but in a new reading. All pieces are finished with hand-woven lace, and the sheets are made from recycled vintage lace capes.

This is our first collection with such a large amount of handwork. We sew all things at our own production facility in Lutsk by the hands of the same craftsmen who sewed a batch of military uniforms yesterday.


The collection of the Ukrainian brand is already available on the website.

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