“Silence kills”: Shevchenko, together with 1 + 1 media, launch the Sports Front project

World football legend and former head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko, together with 1 + 1 media, are launching the Sports Front project.

This is a large-scale communication campaign, as well as a series of initiatives, videos and actions designed to draw the attention of the international sports community to the war in Ukraine. The campaign’s goal is to block Russian national teams and teams, boycott Russian athletes who spoke out in favor of the war or did not voice their position, and provide comprehensive support for Ukrainian sports.

“Because of the war in Ukraine, all the stadiums have become silent. The silence was broken by Russian shelling, explosions of Russian rockets and Russian phosphorus bombs. The screams broke the silence of Ukrainian women and the tears of Ukrainian children. Most Russian athletes are silent. This silence continues to kill Ukrainians.

Ukrainian stadiums fell silent. However, we, the world’s athletes, must not remain silent. I urge everyone to support the boycott of Russian athletes, national teams and teams while the war is going on in Ukraine.

Support Ukraine on the sports front. Silence kills,” Shevchenko said.

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