Since the beginning of the year, the SSU has exposed more than 30 officials and businessmen who tried to embezzle the digitalization budget

The Security Service significantly strengthened counter-intelligence support for the digitization of Ukraine in the face of full-scale aggression by the Russian Federation. The head of the cyber security department of the SSU, Ilya Vityuk, said this on the air of the My-Ukraine TV channel.

“During this year, we announced more than 30 suspicions for attempts to undermine the cyber resilience of our state. Including – to deputy ministers, heads of Central Committee, former People’s Deputies, and dirty businessmen,” Ilya Vityuk noted.

He also emphasized that the SSU exposes and stops corruption and other criminal schemes using digital tools in protecting state information systems.

“So, for example, we recently neutralized a group that, for a reward, engaged in technical intervention in the state building register for the illegal registration of a number of problematic real estate objects. All actions in the system were stored accordingly, so we quickly stopped the illegal activity and exposed the criminals,” said Ilya Vityuk.

He noted that in the conditions of war, the SSU would continue to strengthen the state’s cyber resilience and implement comprehensive measures to neutralize any threats to the functioning of digital systems of state administration.

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