Six other countries have recognised Ukrainian COVID certificates

New member states have joined the EU eHealth Trust Network, whose members mutually recognise digital COVID certificates. These include Lebanon, Montenegro, Taiwan, Uruguay, Tunisia, and Thailand. This solution will allow the digital COVID certificate obtained in Diia when crossing the border with these countries. This will apply to those vaccinated against coronavirus disease or who have recently recovered.

Vaccinated citizens of Ukraine will be able to visit more countries without PCR tests and self-isolation in the countries of arrival if the epidemic situation allows.

Maria Karchevych, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Today, the EU eHealth Trust Network includes 60 countries. Among them are the European countries closest to Ukraine, such as Poland, Austria, Latvia and other EU members. But also countries from other continents, including Singapore, New Zealand, and the UAE.

In 2022, the digital network is planned to expand to 80 member countries.