Sketch Artists from all over the world painted Odessa

Virtual Sketch a worldwide movement

Sketch artists from around the world staged an online sketch tour of Odessa. Staying home, they walked online through the streets and squares of Odessa and created sketches and paintings.

Most of all artists from all over the world were attracted by the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater, which is featured in many paintings. Such an unusual format of online travel art during quarantine was invented by Anne Rose Oosterbaan, founder of the group “Urban Sketchers Haarlema” (Netherlands). She created the #VirtualSketch group, which has grown into a true international movement.

Örs Lévay, Hungary

Svetlana Mikhalevich the famous Odessa artist, the leader of the group Urban Sketchers in the city, invited all the artists for a virtual sketch tour of Odessa. A virtual tour of Odessa took place on May 9, and the artists published their work in a Facebook group using the hashtags #VirtualSketch #Odessa

Desiree Dirix-Olivers, Netherlands

“Together with Svetlana, I almost walked around Odessa. Svetlana found for us the most beautiful places. I find the city impressive with its rich architecture. It’s a pity that the walk is virtual. I would like to personally see, feel and smell Odessa in the spring. Fortunately, we can spend a little time in Odessa online and feel the taste of the city, ”

said Anna Rose Osterban
Anne Rose Oosterbaan, Netherlands
Lydia Puertas, Spain
Joel Poli Dato-on, Singapore

Find more works at Facebook page #virtualsketch

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