Slovakia handed over five Mi-series helicopters and ammunition for Grad MLRS to Ukraine

Slovakia announced the transfer of a new batch of weapons to Ukraine. It included five helicopters and “thousands” of 122-millimeter rockets for Grad multiple launch rocket systems.

Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Naď spoke about this on his personal Twitter account.

“I am glad to confirm that thousands of Slovak 122-mm Grad missiles and 5 Mi series helicopters have been safely handed over to the armed forces of Ukraine. The entire democratic world is helping Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression,” Nad’ wrote.

Later, the Minister of Defense clarified which helicopters Slovakia handed over to our country. She sent four Mi-17s and one Mi-2. Slovakia has replaced these helicopters in its army with American-made UH-60M Black Hawks.

Recall that Western partners agreed on supplying new weapons to Ukraine within the framework of the meeting in the Rammstein-3 format. The US will donate artillery, HIMARS and Harpoons anti-ship missiles. Canada, Poland and the Netherlands will send artillery, and Germany – MLRS.

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