SSU gained access to propaganda manuals of Russian special services on “correct coverage of special operations” in Ukraine

Employees of the 5th Division of the FSB admit in their documents that the Russian population still does not understand why the war was the only possible way to “solve the goals of Russia.” The press center of the SSU reported this.

So they are trying to find new arguments to explain this and justify the crimes of the Russian military.

To change the situation, according to the Russian secret services, it is necessary to create more videos about “heroes of liberation“, saving animals, reuniting families…

Instead, the whole world realized that the Russian army is rapists, looters, and war criminals.

The FSB also demands that they turn off all Ukrainian TV channels and broadcast Russian programs with the absurd thesis: “We are fighting for you, and then we will hand over these territories to you.”

And in the Ukrainian territories, the occupiers plan to “launch new media projects and real networks of agitators under the ban of Russian television and radio broadcasting.”

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