St. Catherine Clinic’s Quality standards

The Multidisciplinary Medical Clinic of St. Catherine became the only private specialized clinic in the South of Ukraine, which provided all the necessary consulting, diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic assistance in the field of cardiology and cardiac surgery.

The Multidisciplinary Medical Clinic of St. Catherine today unites 15 specialized centers located in the south of Ukraine. The departments of the medical institution provide patients with over 2500 types of preventive, therapeutic and diagnostic services at the highest European level.

The St. Catherine Main Hospital Building, 61-G M. Malinovskogo str.

The St. Catherine Clinic offers the best to its patients: latest generation equipment made by the world’s leading medical producers, international treatment protocols, the most modern tools, surgical materials and original drugs.

One of the main features of the Clinic is the use of the concept of active treatment. That means that the time spent by patients in the hospital is minimal. 90% of all operations in the Clinic are performed using minimally invasive methods.

This ensures quick rehabilitation and return to “normal life”

The St. Catherine Clinic’s employees are the best team: 800 highly qualified specialists who have extensive practical experience in various fields of medicine and related services. They undergo regular internships in the best clinics in the USA, Europe and Ukraine and serve patients in English. Without any doubt, they can be trusted with health and life. And to know that there will not fail. The company’s subsidiaries are located in Europe, Asia and Australia. The doctors are constantly sharing experiences and studying new treatments. You can always be sure that doctors do not prescribe unnecessary or ineffective diagnostic and treatment procedures, or drugs with unproven effectiveness.

The main departments of the St. Catherine Clinic:

  • Diagnostic center
  • Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Center
  • Heart Attack and Stroke Center
  • Orthopedics and Traumatology Center
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Urology Center
  • Gynecology Center
  • Neurosurgery Center
  • Vascular Surgery Center
  • Otolaryngological Center
  • Mammology Center
  • Magnetic resonance imaging Center
  • Emergency Center 24/7
  • Ambulance service
  • Family Medicine Service
St. Catherine Clinic

Thanks to innovative methods of treatment and high qualifications, the specialists of the Clinic have preserved the health and saved lives of thousands of patients and daily prove that Ukraine has high-quality, modern medical service at affordable prices.

Useful information

Clinic Info Center: +38 (048) 728 7000, +38 (048) 705 1033, +38 (050) 728 7000, +38 (093) 728 7000, +38 (097) 728 7000
Ambulance: +38 (048) 728 0000, +38 (048) 705 3333, 3-103
Medical insurance: +38 (048) 728 1800, +38 (048) 705 5800


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