STATEMENT UKRAINE: The theme of the viennacontemporary art fair programme will be the war in Ukraine

The fair will have several thematic parts dedicated to Ukraine and its artists, and will be held from September 9 to 11 in Vienna.

This year’s focus of the viennacontemporary art fair will be the programme dedicated to the war in Ukraine — STATEMENT UKRAINE. The main part of the project will be the exhibition “The Cockerel with Black Wings: A Recovered Heirloom” with the works of thirteen Ukrainian artists. Among them are Kinder Album, Liya Dostlieva and Andriy Dostliev, Yuriy Pikul. The curator of the exposition is Kateryna Filyuk.

A panel discussion, “Ukrainian culture on the way to the EU” will also take place within the framework of the exhibition. The purpose of the conversation is to develop a roadmap for reforms in the cultural sector that will help Ukraine integrate into the European Union.

The programme also supports the launch of the NFT-drop VC STATEMENT UKRAINE Crypto Art Drop to support the Ukrainian art community. Ukrainian artists, together with crypto-artists from all over the world will create works – the initial proceeds from the sale of NFT will be transferred to a charity organization to help Ukrainian artists.

“Our main goals of the project are also to combine the digital and physical worlds, to connect artists from the East and the West, and to raise funds for charity for Ukraine. At the same time, we really believe in the uniqueness of the works that will be created by our artists, each of them has its own style, reputation, vision, and its own connoisseurs, and now we will witness the creation of something unique that will be at the intersection of cultures and formats,” the coordinator shares project Olga Stolyarchuk.

The project will be built on the Tezos blockchain platform and supported by the Museum of Crypto Arts and 0x4rt. The main part of the primary income from the sale will be transferred directly to one of the charitable organizations in Ukraine. Project coordinators: Olga Stolyarchuk and Tom Wallmann.

The project will be attended by: Angie Taylor, Anna Kostrytska, Bard Ionson, Dmytro Fedorenko, Gala Mirissa, Gary Cartlidge, Ilan Katin, Yulia Belyaeva, Kateryna Zavoloka, Max Kilderov, Oficinas TK, Oleksiy Ivanyuk, Vlada Ralko, Oleksiy Sai, Shortcut, Sparrow .

The NFT will be unveiled at the end of August and the auction will take place on objkt.com from September 9 to 11, 2022. The art fair itself will last from September 8 to 11.

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