Strange exchange: Why Belarus is giving planes to Russia in exchange for missile launchers?

Photo: Associated Press

The head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, offered the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to transfer Iskander installations to Belarus.

Ivan Stupak, an expert at the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, said this in an interview with TSN.

“He boasted that they could carry both conventional weapons and nuclear weapons,” the expert noted.

He added that in Russia, there is a big gap with military aircraft – the Ukrainian military simply destroyed so many that Russia needs to “compensate for the losses” with something.

“And with such a not very cunning move, the Russians take planes in Belarus, supposedly for modernization, take them for themselves, paint over the Belarusian flag with a tricolor with the letter “Z” – and send them against free Ukraine. And instead, Belarus will receive these rocket launchers. Honestly, I’m not sure that there will be nuclear charges in the installations since this requires a large infrastructure, that is, these charges need to be stored somewhere – I’m not sure that Belarus has such an opportunity,” Stupak said.

The expert also described the Iskander installations.

“As for these complexes, they can really hit a long-distance, they are really powerful – we have already seen. And this is primarily a threat to the Baltic countries, to Poland, because Russia really just hates them, along with the Belarusian leader. And this is a threat to them – that in which case we will apply.

And nuclear weapons are a legendary club that is being brandished, but I’m not sure if it’s being used. Although I just want to believe that it is never used,” the expert said.

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