Survey: A third of Moldovans believe that the Russian Federation protects the “DPR” and fights against Nazism in Ukraine

26.5% in the tenth month of a full-scale war could not answer the question about what is happening in Ukraine.

More than 26% of Moldovans find it difficult to answer what is happening in Ukraine, and a third justify Russia’s actions by fighting Nazism and protecting the so-called “DPR” and “LPR”.

Such data was shown by the poll “Public Opinion Barometer” conducted by the Moldovan Institute of Public Policies, writes Newsmaker.

38.3% of respondents noted that Russia carried out an unjustified and unprovoked attack on Ukraine. At the same time, almost the same number justifies aggression (17.1% believe that Russia is protecting the DPR and LPR from attacks by Ukraine, 15, 1% – that they are fighting Nazism in Ukraine.) 26.5% in the tenth month of a full-scale war could not answer the question about what is happening in Ukraine.

36.20% of the respondents said they believe that Ukraine is right, 21.9% – Russia. 23.20% of respondents believe that neither Russia nor Ukraine are right, and another 18% could not answer the question.

Also, the country’s inhabitants predominantly believe that the EU and NATO should not participate in the war. 33.8% of respondents consider the assistance in the form of provided weapons sufficient. Another 31.3% think that Ukraine should fight independently, 23.7% of citizens could not answer. 11.2% of those polled consider it necessary for the EU and NATO to intervene in the war.

The situation in Moldova

The country is on the verge of an energy crisis. Gas prices in Moldova have increased 5 times; electricity bills account for more than 60% of the expenses of the average citizen of the country.

The country has a significant shortage of electricity. Previously, Ukraine supplied 30% of the electricity to Moldova, but due to the bombing of Ukrainian power plants, the country had to turn to Romania instead.

Kremlin-sponsored politician Ilan Shor has been vocal in arguing that the country’s government is to blame for the worsening economic crisis and promoting the idea that only good relations with Moscow are the basis for getting a regular gas price. Rallies against the pro-Western government are regularly held in the country, supervised by Shor’s party.