The armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the hospital of “Kadyrovites” in the Donbas (photo)

Ukrainian soldiers inflicted crushing blows on an elite hospital for “Kadyrovites” in Kadiyivka (Luhansk region).

According to the Strategic Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the soldiers destroyed the building of the former dispensary of the machine-building plant with high-precision weapons.

“Recently, the Russian occupiers have turned him into a VIP hospital, where only ‘Kadyrovites’ were treated. There won’t be any more,” the Strategic Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine noted.

Locals write that the VIP hospital on the territory of the machine-building plant’s preventive clinic was so classified that not even all residents knew about it.

However, this did not become an obstacle for the Ukrainian partisans, who scouted everything and passed on the coordinates of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.