The author of the photos of the “Azovstal” fighters received the Prix de la Photographie Paris award

Instagram: @kztsky

The defender of Mariupol and the photographer Dmytro Kozatskyi with the call sign “Orest”, who filmed the military at “Azovstal”, received awards at the French Prix de la Photographie Paris competition. It won first place in the Press/War category and second place in the overall Press category.

“Everyone has seen these photos from Azovstal. Their author is now in captivity. While he’s at it, send these photos to all possible journalism and photography contests. Important! It is important for the whole world to see once again the heroes of Ukraine who defend their land to the last,” the competition website said.

We will remind you that on May 20, Dmytro Kozatsky announced on his Twitter that he was captured by the Russian Federation during the evacuation of fighters from Azovstal. He left a link to his works and urged to send them “to all journalistic awards and photo contests.”

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