The bodies are laid in several layers: in a month, the invaders buried 16,000 Mariupol residents in mass graves

25 new trench-type sectors appeared at the Starokrymsky cemetery in a month. The bodies are stacked in several layers, and then “disguised” with plates as individual burials.

According to the Mariupol City Council, the estimate of civilians killed by the Russian army may increase significantly.

It is noted that public utilities buried about 5 thousand more people until mid-March. Thousands of bodies still remain under the rubble, in spontaneous cemeteries, and in temporary morgues.

We estimated the number of dead Mariupol residents at 22,000. But more and more facts show that the consequences of the Russians crime are much worse. This requires special attention of the world community, as well as the terrible situation of the local population in the occupation.

Mariupol Mayor Vadim Boychenko

It should be noted that 95% of destroyed Mariupol has been in the blockade of Russian invaders since March 1. There have been no communications in the city for almost three months.

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