The book “Znak (The Sign)” Ukrainian trademarks 1960–1980″ was published in Poland

The Polish publishing house Wydawnictwo Karakter published a Polish-Ukrainian edition of the book “Znak (The Sign). Ukrainian Trademarks 1960–1980” is a study by U, N, A team (Ulyana Bychenkova, Nika Kudinova, Alyona Solomadin) dedicated to the history of Ukrainian graphic design, in particular, the field of corporate identity during times of thaw, stagnation and restructuring.

Marcin Hachkovskii and Katarzyna Kotynska carried out the translation of the edition. In 2019, the book was published by the Ukrainian publishing house ist publishing.

A formally stunning publication presents the most exciting Ukrainian graphic sign design achievements. It tells about the history of this field, which draws handfuls from the avant-garde of the 1920s, and its heyday in the 1960s and 1970s, when the distinctive style of the Kharkiv school was formed. The authors of the texts refer to the Soviet archives, describe the socio-political context in which the designers created, explain their practical and aesthetic assumptions, and analyze the influence of Western aesthetics on their work.

The book is a visual collage in which text and images – letters, photographs, and logos – exist on an equal footing and complement each other. One of the last parts is a contemporary visual reinterpretation of signs by the U, N, A collective, created by three book designers, who explore the inexhaustible potential of the graphic forms.

You can buy the publication by the link.

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