The Chumak plant resumed production

The Chumak plant resumed production on the territory controlled by Ukraine. Auchan retailer reported that tomato paste is back on the shelves of chain supermarkets.

The factory in Kakhovka stopped on February 24, when the Russian army invaded the Kherson region. On the same day, the company’s press service announced that it had lost control over the plant and was not responsible for any production processes in occupied Kakhovka.

Local media reports that trucks regularly leave the plant’s warehouses. For some time, Chumak products were sold in the stores of the occupied Kherson region, but in recent months, they have become less and less, and now you can only occasionally come across ketchups of this brand. Residents of Kherson who went to Crimea also saw Chumak products in local stores.

In May, “Chumak” re-registered its legal address in Kyiv, at the address of the office of the company “Delta Velmart Ukraine”, which owns it.

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