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The consequences of Russia's massive aerial attack

11 Apr, 2024
The consequences of Russia's massive aerial attack

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Russian forces launched a massive aerial attack on Ukraine overnight on April 11, employing cruise, ballistic, and aeroballistic missiles Kinzhal, as well as kamikaze drones. Explosions were reported in cities like Kharkiv and Lviv, with energy facilities also targeted.

The Ukrainian Air Force reported the launch of strike drones of the Shahed type late on the evening of April 10. After midnight and throughout the night, the air raid warning spread across the entire territory of Ukraine.

Around half past one in the morning, it became known about the takeoff of around nine Tu-95 strategic bombers from the Murmansk region (Russia). Around a quarter to four, the Tu-95MS bombers maneuvered near the launch boundaries. Launches of cruise missiles were detected.

Later, around six o'clock in the morning, the Air Force reported the movement of four MiG-31K aircraft, followed by launches of Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles on Ukrainian territory.

Explosions, aftermath of the attack This night, reports initially emerged about the operation of air defense forces and assets in southern Ukraine, particularly in the Odessa region. Later, it became known about the operation of air defense systems in the Kyiv region, targeting kamikaze drones.

Explosions due to missile strikes were heard in Kharkiv and the region. Local authorities specified that at least ten strikes were inflicted on the city and the region as a whole. Reports also emerged about power outages in Kharkiv after the explosions. The city administration added that power supply issues might arise as the Russian forces targeted energy infrastructure again. The mayor, Tereshov, also announced that the metro would not operate in the next few hours. The Office of Emergency Situations noted power supply disruptions were already being recorded.

There were no reports of casualties in Kharkiv and the region, according to government officials. The specific locations of the strikes are not currently specified. Police reported that Russian forces attacked Kharkiv and its suburbs in the morning, using S-300 air defense systems for the strikes.

According to the deputy head of the Presidential Office, the most difficult situation due to the current massive Russian attack on Ukraine is in the Kharkiv region. "There were more than 10 missile strikes in the city alone. The terrorist state is trying to destroy Kharkiv's infrastructure and leave the city in darkness. Power outages are already occurring in the region - more than 200,000 subscribers in the Kharkiv region are without electricity. The metro is functioning as a shelter," said the official.

Regarding the Kyiv region, as reported by the head of the regional state administration, Ruslan Kravchenko, there were Shahed strikes and missile launches today. "The alarm lasted more than 5 hours. Unfortunately, during the air raid on the Kyiv region, a critical infrastructure object was attacked," he said, adding that information about casualties and fatalities has not yet been received.

Officials also reported the operation of air defense forces and assets in the Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions due to missile attacks. In Lviv, the Russian forces launched "Kinzhal" missiles. Local authorities have not yet disclosed information about the consequences.

Explosions were also heard in the Zaporizhzhia region this night. According to the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine, an energy infrastructure object was damaged in the Zaporizhzhia region due to the missile strike. The extent of the damage is being clarified, and there is no information about casualties, the military added. In the Mykolaiv region, fragments of downed Shahed drones fell on open territory, with no information about destruction or casualties.

In the Odessa region, fragments of downed kamikaze drones caused a fire on the territory of an energy facility, which has already been extinguished.

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The Odessa Journal

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