Ukrainian Court seized the water producer “Morshynska”, owned by the oligarch Fridman

The Court confiscated shares and funds in the amount of UAH 53.4 million in a company for producing and selling mineral water, owned by Russian oligarch Mikhail Fridman.

This was reported by the press service of the Bureau of Economic Security.

The investigation established that the enterprise, through Cypriot companies, belongs to an oligarch from Russia. Although Economic Security Bureau does not name him, according to The Odessa Journal, it is Mikhail Fridman, a Russian oligarch under US, EU and British sanctions.

Mikhail Fridman

In Ukraine, Fridman, with partners German Khan and Petr Aven, owns IDS Group Ukraine, a subsidiary of the international group IDS Borjomi International (part of Alfa Group). On the market, in addition to being the exclusive importer of Borjomi water to Ukraine), it is represented by a number of brands, in particular, Morshynska and Mirgorodska waters.

According to open data from one of the consulting agencies, the estimated market value of the brand in 2021 was over UAH 10 billion. in equivalent.

Consequently, according to the investigation, Fridman, together with his partners, tried to avoid possible sanctions and the nationalization of assets so that, under fictitious agreements, they planned to withdraw assets located in Ukraine from their property.

By decision of the investigator judge, the corporate rights of the company in the form of securities and cash, which are shares of the authorized capital of the enterprise, were seized for a total of UAH 53.4 million.

Thus, they say in the Economic Security Bureau, the attempt to withdraw assets from the property of the Russian oligarch is biased.

The pre-trial criminal investigation into the laundering of property obtained by criminal means, committed by Fridman and partners, is conducted by Economic Security Bureau detectives under the procedural guidance of prosecutors of the Office of the Prosecutor General.

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