The current operational situation in the south of Ukraine

The situation in the southern Bug direction is difficult, but controlled.

The enemy continues to conduct combat operations from occupied defensive lines in counter-battery tactics, seeking ways to restore logistical routes for drawing up reserves and maneuvering forces and assets.

During the night, the Smerch multiple-launch rocket systems fired three rockets at Mykolaiv. At intervals of more than an hour, the enemy covered the city’s residential quarters with fire. At least four residential apartment buildings were damaged. Several private cars, electricity and gas supply lines were destroyed and mutilated. One woman died in her own apartment, and six more people were injured. Information on the scale of destruction and victims is being clarified.

In the south of the Dnipropetrovsk region, the enemy continues shelling the right bank of the Dnieper with “Grad”. In particular, 40 rockets were fired at Nikopol and Chervonogrihorivka.

In Nikopol, one private house was destroyed, 15 more were damaged, along with household buildings. The power grid is out of order. There is destruction at two local businesses. A fire broke out on one of them. Rescue services worked quickly. Previously, people were not injured.

The Chervonogrihorivka community survived without casualties or destruction.

Our missile and artillery units continue to intensify fire control of transport and logistics facilities, which the enemy relies on on its strategic plans.

As a result of the night work, enemy stockpiles of ammunition, fuel, and lubricants were destroyed in the Berislav district. Also, in Novaya Kakhovka, the enemy’s fuel reserves were critically reduced and transport connections were made as difficult as possible.

The Black Sea group of enemy ships is heading towards Novorossiysk on the eve of the Day of the Russian Navy. There are only 2 missiles and 2 large amphibious ships on patrol.

The threat of missile strikes on Odessa, and missile and artillery fire on other regions in our operational zone remains relevant.

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