The current operational situation in the South of Ukraine

The situation in the South area remains steadily tense.

The enemy does not conduct active offensive operations on the contact line, accumulates forces and tries to restore the damaged equipment.

At the same time, in the occupied territories of the Kherson and Mykolayiv regions, in parallel with the imposition of the ideology of “Russian peace”, the total looting of the occupying power continues. The invaders steal grain, machinery, and property and export to Russia. Identified pro-Ukrainian activists are being tortured and shot for refusing to cooperate.

Exits from the settlements are blocked. Without the population’s support, the invaders press threats and lies about the already established power over the entire south of Ukraine.

In the Odessa region, counter-sabotage measures continue to protect civilians, military and civilian objects from attack; detection and disposal of Russian sabotage groups, and working off other tasks. The situation in the border areas with Transnistria is stable and under control.

The enemy’s naval group continues to control the northwestern part of the Black Sea, blocking shipping and threatening missile strikes from the sea. The probability of attacks by strategic aircraft also remains high.

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