The current operational situation in the south of Ukraine

The situation in the South Bug direction is consistently tense, but is controlled by the Defense Forces.

The enemy continues to focus its efforts on conducting defensive operations. No changes were noted in the composition and deployment of enemy forces.

The occupiers continue to inflict fire damage on the positions of our units using rocket launchers, barrel artillery, and mortars.

With artillery shells of various calibers and rocket systems of volley fire, the Rashists shelled territorial communities in the Bashtanka district of the Mykolayiv region, in the Berislav district of the Kherson region, and in Nikopolsk of the Dnipropetrovsk region. Without losses.

Enemy aircraft attacked 6 times during the day. In response, our attack and army aircraft carried out 16 strikes on areas where the enemy’s manpower, equipment, and weapons are concentrated.

The missile and artillery units of the Defense Forces performed about 130 fire missions during the combat day. Enemy losses in manpower – 44 Russian soldiers. In addition to the morning aircraft and helicopter, an enemy tank, two mortars and 3 units of armored vehicles were destroyed. In the Beryslav district, UKrainian rocket launchers destroyed 2 depots with ammunition and a hangar with an accumulation of enemy equipment. Confirmation of a successful preliminary hit on a pontoon crossing with enemy military equipment was received.

In the Black Sea, the enemy’s naval group includes 11 ships and boats maneuvering along the Crimean coast. 24 Kalibrs, located on two surface and two underwater missile carriers, as well as two large enemy amphibious assault ships remain at the ready mode.

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