The current operational situation in the south of Ukraine

Fighting continues on the contact line. The enemy continues to strengthen its defenses. In order to provide themselves with building materials, the Russian occupiers launched cement and concrete plants in the Kherson region. The enemy also tear down slabs from roads for their own defense.

The Russians brought an echelon of about 30 units of 50-year-old canned T-62 tanks to the Kherson region, as well as vehicles, armored combat vehicles, and multiple rocket launchers.

Meanwhile, the enemy struck 5 Mi-8 helicopters on our positions. Trying to attack our positions again with 3 helicopters, the enemy received a decent rebuff. Without specifying the defeat method, it should be noted that the attack was thwarted.

During aviation activity in the sky over the Mykolayiv region and Kherson region, 2 enemy air-to-air missiles self-destructed.

They were released from the same Su-35 aircraft that was shot down by our MiG-29 fighter. So, the punishment of heaven befell both the plane and the rockets.

As a result of our counterattacks, the enemy suffered losses of 63 soldiers and 19 units of enemy equipment, including 3 modern T-72 tanks, 5 units of other armored vehicles and 2 automobiles, a hail multiple rocket launcher, a self-propelled artillery installation, 1 plane and 6 helicopters.

A storm in the Black Sea is forcing part of an enemy naval group to retreat to shelters near the Crimea, but 2 missile and 3 landing craft continue to block shipping and threaten missile strikes on Ukraine.

The situation on the border with Transnistria is stable and under control. Counter-sabotage measures are underway, and reliable protection of the state border is ensured. The situation in the unrecognized republic is constantly monitored and is characterized by the leadership’s focus on internal problems and the government’s inability to ensure the implementation of mobilization tasks in support of Russia’s actions.

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