The enemy created two squadrons of ships to strengthen on Snake Island

The situation in the south of Ukraine remains steadily tense, in the Mykolaiv and Kherson regions, the invaders continue shelling. The grouping of Russian ships in the Black Sea is constrained in its actions due to the storm, but the danger of rocket attacks from the sea remains.

This was announced by the representative of the command OC “South” officer Vladislav Nazarov.

Tension remains in the area of ​​responsibility of OK “South”. The occupiers are shelling the Mykolaiv region, although in the regional center itself, it is relatively calm. In the Kherson region, the enemy tried to pass off his shelling of Chernobaevka as the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but the locals already very well distinguished the tactics of the enemy’s actions and did not succumb to provocation.

In villages bordering neighbouring regions, houses have been destroyed, roads, bridges and fields have been mined, and people are trying to leave as far as possible. But the occupiers have blocked the entry and exit from Kherson and are firing at the evacuation columns.

Leaving no intention to fortify on Snake (Zmeiiny) Island and attack from the sea, the enemy formed two detachments of warships. But the stormy weather of the Black Sea forces them to take shelter closer to their bases in the temporarily occupied Crimea, the officer noted.

Nevertheless, Vladislav Nazarov said that two ships – carriers of cruise missiles – continue to keep the threat of missile strikes highly probable, as well as coastal missile systems and enemy strategic aviation.

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