The enemy was attacking Mykolaiv with “Smerchiv” and “Hurricanes”

On August 28, Mykolaiv was struck twice from the “Smerch” rocket salvo systems.

This is reported by the operational command “South”

As a result, a fire broke out on the territory of the elevator, and other infrastructure objects were damaged. There are no casualties.

In the evening, the industrial infrastructure of Mykolaiv was hit by a “Hurricane”. There are no losses and significant destruction.

Also, during the day, the Nikopol district was shelled several times by the Russian forces from the “Grad” salvo fire systems and barreled heavy artillery. Firefighters extinguished the fire in an open area; explosions damaged residential buildings. A woman died, and three more civilians were injured.

On Kryvyi Rih, the enemy fired upon the Zelenodolsk community with “Grad” rocket systems. Industrial facilities and motor vehicles were damaged. There are no casualties among the civilian population.

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