The EU agreed on the 10th package of sanctions against Russia

The head of the European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, said that the EU had finally agreed on the 10th package of sanctions against the Russian Federation. The list includes 121 individuals and legal entities of Russia.

As Borrell clarified on his Twitter, the new restrictions affected imports and exports to the Russian market, as well as those involved in the forcible deportation of more than 6,000 children from Ukraine.

As part of our listings, we are targeting those responsible for the deportation and forced adoption of at least 6.000 Ukrainian children. This is a clear violation of international law, including the Geneva convention, as I raised at UN Security Council yesterday.

Josep Borrell

Measures are also taken against individuals in Iran who are involved in the elaboration of drones and components supporting Russia’s military. In addition, members and supporters of Russia’s Wagner mercenary group and its activities in other countries, such as Mali or Central African Republic, are also targeted.

Later, additional details about the sanctions against the Russian Federation appeared in a press release from the European Commission.

The 10th sanctions package is adopted: 121 individuals and entities listed, significant new import/export restrictions, banning Russian propaganda outlets. We remain united in our determination to dent Russia’s war machine.

Josep Borrell

New export restrictions have been introduced on sensitive dual-use and advanced technologies that contribute to Russia’s military capabilities and technological enhancement, based on information received from Ukraine, our Member States and our partners. This includes additional electronic components used in Russian weapons systems (drones, missiles, helicopters, other vehicles), as well as bans on specific rare earths and thermal cameras with military applications. Moreover, we are also listing 96 additional entities associated to Russia’s military-industrial complex, bringing the total of military end-users that are listed to 506. This includes Russian entities associated with the Kremlin-controlled Wagner paramilitary organisation. This also includes, for the first time, seven Iranian entities that have been using EU components and providing Russia with military “Shahed” drones to attack civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. Importantly, we are working in close coordination with partners, and are adding Australia, Canada and New Zealand and Norway to the list of our partner countries.

These new bans and restrictions cover EU exports worth EUR 11.4 billion (2021 data). They come on top of the €32.5 billion worth of exports already sanctioned in the previous packages. With today’s package, the EU has sanctioned in total nearly close to half (49%) of its 2021 exports to Russia.

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