The expert explained why Russia’s aviation losses in Ukraine are critical

The expert noted that the destruction of the generals is not as critical as the losses among the average flight personnel.

The aviation losses of the Russian Federation in the war with Ukraine are critical since middle and senior flight officers, the training of which takes years, are knocked out now.

Average and experienced pilots are kicked out, or they are fired, Pavel Luzin, candidate of political sciences, an expert on international relations and security, said on the air of the telethon.

The expert added that the losses among the average flight personnel are much more critical than the destruction of the generals.

“These are critical losses because the middle and senior officers are being knocked out. That is, such a generational lag is forming (delay) – yes, there are generals at the headquarters of the AF (Aerospace Forces), who sit at the helm, but they won’t do it, most likely, and there are young lieutenants who you won’t let into battle. And the average and experienced ones, they get out, they quit … “, Luzin explained.

As of September 10, about 52,250 enemies, 239 enemy planes, and 212 helicopters have been eliminated in Ukraine.

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