The first in the world: in Ukraine, it will be possible not to receive a plastic driver’s license but to use only a document in Diia

The Prime Minister of Ukraine signed Resolution No. 1299, which will allow the use of only an electronic driver’s license in Diia without additionally obtaining a plastic counterpart.

Ukraine has become the fourth country in Europe to have digital driver’s licenses. In addition, they have the same legal force as their plastic counterparts.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation is moving further in digitizing documents and introducing the digital-first format. This means that you can only use an electronic driving license in Diia. You can issue an e-identity card, and a plastic card if you wish. This will enable Ukrainians always to keep the necessary document in their smartphone.

“We are building a digital state with the philosophy of digital-first. Where every service will be comfortable and logical. Without bureaucracy, unnecessary trips to government agencies, and certificates for the sake of certificates. Issuing and issuing a driver’s license in electronic format is another revolutionary step in the digitization of documents. Ukrainians can only get digital IDs in Diya and use them in everyday life. There is no plastic analog,” said Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation.

In the summer, the Ministry of Digital Transformation team took a big step in increasing the possibilities of using Diya abroad. The driver’s license is also available in English. In addition, the rights and technical passport have international coding, which is used in the EU, USA and Canada. This is another step towards the international integration of Diia and the use of the application in the world.

The resolution come into force on December 14.