The first Ukrainian restaurant YOY opened in Dubai

The first YOY restaurant of modern Ukrainian cuisine opened in Dubai. The facility is located on Palm Jumeirah, The Pointe.

“Our task is to convey Ukrainian culture through gastro diplomacy,” marketing manager Oleg Sadkovskyy tells “Emirates Today”.

YOY has a permanent menu and dishes that will change depending on the chef – the restaurant plans to bring 10-12 chefs a year.

The restaurant offers to taste borscht from the oven, banoche with chestnuts, dumplings with asparagus and truffle sour cream, dumplings with cherry, cheese with fir jam or “coconut fat”.

The team says that “working with fire” is its core competence.

The menu has a large number of drinks with “unexpected taste”. For example, ryazhenka from a wood-fired oven, which is served with baked pumpkin, chips and Jerusalem artichoke, or author’s kvass on rye bread.

There is also an alcoholic menu – horseradish with 10 ingredients, pepper with honey, cherry and coffee liqueur, and smoked pear tincture aged in oak.

The interior is dominated by minimalism and a large amount of wood, which should resemble an authentic Ukrainian home.

YOY has many handmade interior items made in Ukraine: a chandelier in the form of a stork’s nest, clay jugs from a craftsman from Transcarpathia, Kosovar ceramics and carpets from a mountain town in the Carpathians.

The open kitchen is built around a wood-burning stove. 4,000 tiles created by the Ukrainian artist Oksana Chepurna were ordered for her from the Lviv Tile Company.

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