The first waste recycling plant in Odessa region

The Odessa Regional State Administration has approved a project for the construction in Teplodar (close to the border with Moldova) of an innovative waste recycling plant.

According to the Odessa Regional Council, the project will be jointly implemented by the KP “Centralized Procurement Organization of the Odessa Regional Council” and LLC “EKO ENERGIYA PIVDEN”.

The new enterprise will use the pyrolysis method (burning solid waste in a vacuum and producing gas, oil, coal or picarbon as a result, which are used as fuel or raw materials for processing).

The idea of ​​creating an enterprise was considered at a meeting of the permanent commission on ecology, nature management, prevention of emergencies and elimination of their consequences by the Regional State Administration, and it was recommended to put it to a vote during a session of the regional council.

“This project is very important and promising for the Odessa region, so we need to support it,” said the chairman of the commission Valentin Volkanov.

The regional administration said that the project does not provide for budget funding and, if successfully implemented, it will be extended to the entire region.

In January, the Indian company NuGreen Energy proposed to build waste processing plants in the Odessa region that would operate using plasma gasification technology. Foreigners presented their project to Governor Sergei Grinevetsky and planned to start their business in the region from enterprises in Reni and Podolsk.

Source: Dumskaya.net

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