The Green Theatre property in Odessa was bought by a famous social entrepreneur

Yegor Grebennikov, well-known Ukrainian humanitarian entrepreneur of Odessa, has finally purchased the buildings, located at the Green Theatre territory, for $ 3 mln, with the plot lease agreement for 32 years to come.

The Green Theatre is considered one of the most beautiful open-air set in Ukraine. It used to be an iconic place in Soviet times, but since the beginning of the 2000 the space was deserted and the theatre was not used by the new owners for cultural activity, anymore.

For many years, this outstanding piece of the cultural life of Odessa, placed in the historical Shevchenko park, was under the attack of urban speculation. Today, is finally free from the dense building threat and open to new social opportunities.

This story started in 2015, when the abandoned site of Green Theatre was rented by Impact HUB Odessa, founded by Grebennikov, who is also co-owner of TIS Group of Terminals.

It was really gorgeous, like an abandoned native American temple in the jungle. We perceived it as an allegory of something new and progressive sprouting through the old culture.

Yegor Grebennikov

For the next six years, due to team effort as well as personal inspiration and investment of Yegor, the neglected piece of land turned into a versatile public open-air site, enjoyed by citizens and guests and preferred by touring celebrities.

We knew that Odessa had been waiting for just such a space when the very first event, a performance by the Russian poet Dmitry Bykov, was attended by several thousand people and the Theatre lacked the space to host everyone. People were sitting right on the ground.

Yegor Grebennikov

More than UAH 32 mln, implemented in the idea, have resulted not only into reconstruction, but also in creation of a genuine product, unique for contemporary Ukrainian social scene. Since the purchase made it possible, from now on the Green Theatre has a new view opening ahead: the view to new ideas, projects and social success.