The groups of experts, have begun inspecting buildings damaged by the war

In Ukraine, the process of inspecting buildings and structures destroyed and damaged due to Russian aggression has begun. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine Natalia Kozlovska.

So they want to determine whether it is possible to operate them in the future and whether restoration work or dismantling is required. Currently, the first group of experts has left for the Kyiv region.

“As a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, thousands of houses, schools, hospitals, and critical infrastructure facilities were damaged and destroyed. Therefore, a number of groups have already been formed for their examination, which includes not indifferent specialists and experts who have the appropriate qualifications. And such groups continue to be formed,” said Natalia Kozlovska

It should be noted that the survey should be conducted by contractors who have passed the relevant professional certification and received qualification certificates for the right to perform work, in particular:

  • technical inspection of buildings and structures;
  • engineering and construction design in terms of providing mechanical resistance and stability with a qualification level of “leading” or “I category”;
  • examination of project documentation in terms of mechanical resistance and stability “, with the qualification level” leading “or” I category “;
  • consulting engineer (construction) with the qualification level “leading” or “I category”.

Destroyed and damaged buildings and structures are inspected only after demining, rescue, and other urgent work.

The inspection of destroyed and damaged buildings and structures occurs only after the process of demining, rescue and other urgent work.

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