The invaders are preparing a propaganda “press tour” to Mariupol for loyal media

In the destroyed Mariupol, a large-scale political provocation is being prepared in an attempt to attract some Western journalists. To this end, for loyal foreign media representatives, on April 28, the Russian Ministry of Defense is planning a so-called “press tour”. The arrival of “journalists” on the territory of Ukraine is organized through the Russian Rostov.

The event’s programme includes “alternative facts” about the defense of Mariupol. Trained “witnesses” will say that Ukrainian defenders allegedly bombed the city and killed locals. To confirm this version, trained provocateurs will be presented as “eyewitnesses” who will tell about the mythical “mass killings of civilians by the Ukrainian military.”

This action is an organic continuation of Russia’s policy of creating fakes that should justify Putin’s punishers and shift the blame for their crimes on Ukrainians themselves. Former “business cards of Yarosh” and “crucified boys” turn into “self-destructed” Bucha and Mariupol.

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