The invaders stole five ships with grain from the port of Berdyansk

The russian invaders in the temporarily occupied Berdyansk drove 5 ships loaded with grain from the port by a tugboat.

This was announced by the head of the Zaporizhzhia regional military administration Oleksandr Starukh.

He noted that there were several tens of thousands of tons of grain on these ships and added that another case of piracy by Russian invaders occurred a few days ago.

Some of them were fully stuffed – we see this from customs documents, some – partially loaded. These ships disappeared from the Berdyansk port a few days ago

Oleksandr Starukh

Residents of Berdyansk report that the ships were driven away by Russian tugboats.

Where these ships stolen by the Russians were sent will be known later, the chairman of the UV says.