The IT specialist dismantled the fake identity of the Azov fighter, made by the Russian FSB

In 2 days, the FSB solved the case of the murder of the daughter of Russian propagandist Alexander Dugin, Daria Dugina, and blamed the Ukrainian special services for it.

The identity of a fighter of the Azov Battalion, presented by the FSB, is the same fake as the FSB itself, Yevgeny Poremchuk reported on Facebook Software Developer.

He used an online photo analyzer and showed what was wrong with the supposedly original document provided by the Russian intelligence service

1) loves the cloning tool;
2) respects Gaussian blurring;
3) cannot insert a photo so that JPG errors do not appear;
4) cannot live without the “eraser” tool for erasing the background of a photo;
5) what about simply inserting a cheek with a stamp from another photo so the skin color does not match? Easy!

Recall that the FSB of Russia found the “culprit” of the murder, which allegedly turned out to be a citizen of Ukraine, Natalya Vovk, who was in Moscow with her daughter. According to the Russian intelligence service, after the explosion of Dugina’s car, the woman seemed to have left for Estonia. Now Russia says it will demand that the country extradite the “suspect”.

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