The medical examination for “conscripts” has been canceled in Occupied territories, the only way out is bribery

The Russians have almost exhausted the resources for forced mobilization in Occupied territories (ORDLO). To fulfill the established plans for the supply of “manpower”, from April 20 there were suspended medical examinations of mobilized personnel.

Official explanation: “due to lack of specialists”. At present, potential “recruits” cannot obtain documents proving any health problems.

Those who have obvious health problems (injuries, disabilities, severe acute illnesses) or have managed to get the necessary documents are still mobilized but distributed to the logistics departments.

In order to identify unmobilized conscripts, the Russian military police are conducting regular raids on the streets and at the probable residence of “conscripts”.

The only alternative to forced mobilization is to pay a bribe at fixed rates (depending on age, specialty and health). In particular, in occupied Horlivka, the size of a bribe for evasion from service makes from 5 thousand rubles if paid directly at the place of detention. When sent to the district departments – from 75 thousand rubles.

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