The military and shipbuilders of the Russian Federation are trying to shift the responsibility for bringing the only Russian aircraft carrier to a critical state

The only Russian aircraft carrier – the heavy aircraft carrier cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” is in a state of emergency. Today, the ship is at the 35th ship repair plant (Murmansk).

In order to continue repair work, a decision was recently made to transfer the ship from the dry dock to one of the docks of the ship repair plant. However, even at the preparation stage for moving, it became clear that the cruiser was incapable of moving under its own power.

Therefore, an attempt was made to move with the help of several tugs. However, this also turned out to be impossible due to the critical condition of the ship’s hull. Ship repair specialists warned that the condition of “Admiral Kuznetsov” in principle does not allow it to be launched. In this case, it will likely tip over on its side and drown.

When the diving teams examined the ship’s hull, it was found that the metal structures below the third deck were exposed to significant corrosion. The holds are completely filled with muddy water, which makes a detailed examination of the ship from the inside impossible.

Officials of 35 ship repair plants and fleet management are trying to shift responsibility for the current state of affairs to each other. It is impossible even to establish who exactly decided to move the ship.

The fleet’s command imposed fines of one and a half billion rubles on the management of the plant for the disruption of repair deadlines and non-fulfillment of the contract. In turn, the company’s management published a letter stating that the plant was not to blame for bringing the ship to its current deplorable state. With a high degree of probability, the military representative at the plant, which supervised the progress of the works, is found guilty.

According to the available data, there is not even an approximate time frame for the completion of the repair of “Admiral Kuznetsov” and its return to service.

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