The National Agency for Prevention of Corruption called for imposing sanctions on the French company Bonduelle

The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption has urged for the introduction of sanctions against the French company Bonduelle, which, according to the agency, supports the Russian army

This is stated in the statement of NAPC.

According to the agency, on the eve of the New Year in the Russian group “Yartsevo.LIVE” in the banned social network “Vkontakte” a message appeared that the company Bonduelle congratulated the Russian soldiers participating in the war against Ukraine on the New Year. The message noted that the company handed over 10,000 congratulatory grocery baskets to the invaders, to which they attached a postcard with the inscription “Return victorious.”

They also note that the Bonduelle company emphasized that “supporting defenders is an integral part of the social responsibility of business.”


“The Bonduelle company does not plan to leave the Russian market and continues to pay taxes, duties, and other contributions to the Russian budget, thereby financing the war,” the NAPC said in a statement.

The agency also writes that in 2019, an article by the Russian Forbes indicated that the director of Bonduelle’s representative office in Russia, Kateryna Eliseyeva, was studying to become a translator at the FSB Academy.

The agency posted the statement in the “International War Sponsors” section. The executive director of Bonduel, Guillaume Debrosse, and the deputy general director for finance and development of the company, Gregory Sanson, was indicated as the responsible managers of the company on the NAPC website.

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