The new Ukrainian FPV “kamikaze” drone eBOSH has passed combat tests

Specialists of the Ukrainian organization Black Raven have created and tested an unmanned aerial vehicle of the “kamikaze” type called eBOSH.

The engineers assembled the quadcopter and attached an ordinary plastic plumbing pipe to it, inside of which they laid a VOG-17 grenade. In addition, they equipped the device with a first-person view (FPV) control system – the operator sees the image from the camera mounted on the drone using special glasses. So the effect of presence comes out as if a person is sitting in the cockpit of an airplane.

Black Raven – is a non-profit organization, an army of volunteers established for the development of Ukrainian aviation and modern military technology. Black Raven – supplies Ukrainian Armed Forces with state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicles and equipment for ground reconnaissance and fire support missions.

“This is a highly accurate weapon in its essence since the pilot directly controls the explosive device to the end. He gets the video, sees the target in the glasses, and brings the drone to the very end,” says one of the developers.

The system for dropping grenades from a drone usually requires appropriate weather conditions and allows you to attack targets only from above, while the FPV kamikaze is less whimsical. Another feature of eBOSH was the “acro mode”, which helps, at the pilot’s command, to instantly carry out defenses at any angles. He can fly high above the target and then silently drop on it, choosing the best route – so it will be tough for Russian soldiers to shoot down the UAV.

The eBOSH flight range is 2 km at this stage, but the developers plan to increase it to 4 km. The drone can accelerate up to 150 km/h, although 70-80 km/h is enough to destroy targets effectively.

During eBOSH tests, a kamikaze drone hunted for a Moskvich car with a picture of the Kremlin on board and a half-full tank.

Under the operator’s control, the drone flew into the car and exploded in the cabin. The developers promise that soon other eBOSH will be sent to the front so that the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with their help inflict high-precision strikes on the Russian invaders.

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