The Odessa Fine Art Museum achieved national status

Given the national and international recognition of the results of the Odessa Fine Art Museum (OFAM) as a leading cultural, educational and research institution for the preservation, study and promotion of art collections, President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree granting the Museum national status.

As the status of the OFAM increases, the attention of art lovers will increase, and the institution’s employees will receive a more appropriate salary.

The receipt by the museum of the long-awaited status on this very day is symbolic since Aleksandr Roytburd selflessly devoted the last years of his life to the revival and development of the institution.

Odessa Fine Art Museum, press-service
Odessa Fine Art National Museum team

According to the Head of State decree, the government must ensure the restoration work on the building monument of national importance, which houses the museum.

Renovation of the building will begin this year as part of the President’s “Great Restoration” programme, which takes care of the restoration of cultural heritage sites.

The national status of the Museum was for Aleksandr Roytburd a big dream and goal as an act of state recognition and consolidation of the changes that Roitburd managed to implement together with the team and the vector of development he set.

Odessa Fine Art Museum, press-service
Aleksandr Roytburd
October 14, 1961 – August 8, 2021

In addition, the Odessa Regional State Administration together with the Odessa Regional Council should work on the issue of naming the Odessa National Art Museum after the Aleksandr Roytburd, who was the director of this institution in 2018-2021.

After the artist’s death in August this year, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine supported the initiative to give the OFAM a national one, which Aleksandr Roytburd dreamed of. Today, October 14, marks the 60th anniversary of the artist’s birth.