The oldest university in Odessa celebrates 155 years

History and retro photo

May 13, the oldest university in Odessa – ONU named by Iliya Mechnikov celebrates the 155th anniversary of its foundation. The university was founded with the assistance of Nikolay Pirogov on the base of the Richelieu Lyceum, founded earlier – in 1817. The first name of the university was “Imperial Novorossiysk University.” In the territory of modern Ukraine, he became the fourth after Lviv, Kharkov and Kiev.

At first, only three faculties were opened: historical-philological, physical-mathematical and Faculty of Law. And in 1900, they built and opened a medical faculty, which is now a separate university. Soon the Faculty of Physics and Chemistry also opened in a separate building. Within the walls of the institution, such scientists as Andrusov, Zelinsky, Kovalevsky, Sechenov, Umov, Mechnikov, Filatov, Gamov and others worked.

The University today consists of 11 faculties, a college, 10,000 students, 200 postgraduate students, 87 departments, 150 professors and doctors of sciences, 650 associate professors, candidates of sciences. There are scientific library, an astronomical observatory, a botanical garden, an institute of physics, a hydrobiological station, and a biotechnological center.

Odessa Museum of History has published a number of retro photographs of the university. We decided to add to them all freely available photos and images of the oldest university in Odessa.

Faculty of Physics and Chemistry
Medical Faculty


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