The online library of world media columns about the Russian-Ukrainian war has been launched

In Ukraine, the first online library of covers with materials from print media about the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine was created. The creators of the project are the WeAreUkraine.info team in partnership with the Looqme company.

Covers began to be collected immediately after the start of the offensive of the Russian army to track what news made it to the front pages of the world media, to collect historical headlines and materials of publications that expressed support for Ukraine, and to see narratives about the coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The library allows not only to collect information for history but also to track in time some of the information materials that are published in print media and sold on the streets of cities in Europe and the world.


A selection of covers can be found by the link. They can be searched by time, country, or edition. Columns are available on the website in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and other languages.

WeAreUkraine.info is an English-language repository of the truth about Ukraine, which tells the facts about the Russian-Ukrainian war, the support of the world community today, culture, history, people’s life stories, the economy, and other topics. The project was launched on March 3, 2022 as a response to the need to increase English-language information and spread the truth about the events in Ukraine.


All materials are based on verified primary sources. To tell the world more about Ukraine and call for support, the team prepares its own materials, which are actively used by the international community. The project was initiated by the team of the One Philosophy consulting group and volunteered with the support of the IT company Empat.

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