The Operational Command “South” assured that Ukraine has not lost any HIMARS missile systems

As of the beginning of August, Ukrainian forces have not lost any HIMARS rocket launcher systems.

Andriy Kovalchuk, commander of the Operational Command “South”, told about this in an interview with Tablet Magazine.

It demonstrates how well we quickly learned to use them. Even the Americans were surprised at how effectively we used the systems. Because every missile hits the target, and each missile destroys a bridge or an ammunition depot

Andriy Kovalchuk

Kovalchuk added that allies have seen “tremendous economic efficiency” in how Ukrainian forces use missiles.

Each missile fired destroys far more than its value in Russian equipment or ammunition

Andriy Kovalchuk

It will be recalled that previously the Russian mass media and so-called military personnel have repeatedly stated that the Russian army has already destroyed several HIMARS multiple rocket launcher systems.

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