The real face of the ‘Russian peace’ is sorrow, fear and death: more than 650 Russian invaders were injured

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Luhansk region held back the attack of the invaders.

In the Luhansk region, Russian invaders, under cover of tanks, launched infantry attacks along the entire line of combat, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine rebuffed them. More than 650 invaders from Russia were injured.

This was reported on the Facebook page of the headquarters of the Joint Forces Operation. As noted, the wounded occupiers from the front lines were taken to the hospital in the village of Bryanka.

Most of them are in serious condition, and those who received minor injuries are not even admitted to hospitals – they are sent back to the front for military operations, like “cannon fodder”.

According to the headquarters of the JFO, the personnel of the 6th separate motorized rifle regiment is frightened and demoralized, the invaders are looking for ways to desert.

Such a real face of the ‘Russian peace’ is sorrow, fear and death, which the ‘liberators’ from Russia bring with them

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