The result of Orlovka – Isaccea ferry complex operations

In the Reni region, during the first month of operation since the launch of the Orlovka – Isaccea ferry complex, 460 truck drivers used its services. This was reported by the Odessa customs of the State Customs Service.

The Orlovka – Isaccea ferry crossing gives the direct and shortest route from Ukraine to the countries of Southern Europe and Turkey.

The distance from Orlivka Ferry Complex to Romanian Ferry Terminal Isaccea is 900 meters, the transit time is 7-8 minutes. Due to the ferry crossing, the route (between the states) was reduced by 200 km, and the time of customs clearance (cargo) – by 10-12 hours.

On the territory of the complex is built a very functional, two-level berth for staging river ferries with side loading. The capacity of the ferries, which operate on the line at one-time up to 30 cars and 6 trucks, this berth can take steam every 15 minutes (5 minutes for unloading and 10 minutes for loading the ferry). Accordingly, in 10 hours the crossing can serve from 1000 to 1200 units of transport.

According to customs officials the main type of goods are: glass jars for canning (to Greece), steel pipes, gas stoves, wire (to Romania), soot (to Turkey), cardboard, bricks, spare parts for locomotives, railway wheels and fuel pellets (to Bulgaria).

Aluminum hydroxide, metal structures, consumer goods, dishes, textiles, and aluminum mesh are imported to Ukraine. Figs, grapes, peaches and citrus fruits are also brought from Turkey through the ferry.

Currently, the range of transit cargo includes roofing materials, textiles, soot, tires, cardboard and seasonal fruits.

Let us remind you that one ferry is currently operating on the ferry crossing the Danube, which connects the Ukrainian Orlovka and the Romanian city of Isakcea. On August 10, the Orlovka – Isaccea ferry complex was launched in the Reni region. By the end of August, the ferry shipped the first 150 trucks.

Up today 253 trucks were shipped to Ukraine and 207 trucks out of Ukraine.