The Russians transfer their units to the Vugledar area

The Russian command withdrew part of their units from the settlements near the occupied Mariupol.

The Russian troops decided to withdraw part of their units and equipment from the settlements near the occupied Mariupol: the occupiers organized the appropriate redeployment of forces to the Ugledar region. Earlier, it was reported that at least 5,000 Russian soldiers could be sent there.

As Petr Andryushchenko, an adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, spoke about enemy forces deployed along the Maloyanisol/ Nikolskoye line.

“All units of the invaders stationed along the Maloyanisol / Nikolskoye line have been withdrawn over the past 24 hours and transferred to the front in the Vugledar area. We expect an increase in the number of “good Russians” in the coming days,” he wrote.

The official also published a corresponding map of enemy movements:

Recall that since the beginning of March 2022, the city of Mariupol and its residents have been under blockade by Russian troops.

At the moment, the invaders have destroyed almost the entire infrastructure of the city: in most of Mariupol, there is no water and electricity, and people are asking for help because of the onset of cold weather. As of November 2022, 90% of vital infrastructure in Mariupol was reported to have been damaged.

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