The satellites recorded new air defense systems on Snake Island

Image c/o – @planet

On June 10, satellite images of the island of Snakes noticed the Russian occupiers’ deployment of new air defense systems.

Groups of specialists working on the methods of “open-source intelligence” (OSINT, open-source intelligence), believe that these multiple new TOR air defence systems.

They were dropped on the island on June 9.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine stated that the Russian occupiers are strengthening their position on the captured Snake (Zmiiny) Island in the Black Sea.

On June 6, Sergei Bratchuk, a Odessa regional military administration spokesman, said that Russian Black Sea Fleet ships continued to regroup in the Black Sea.

The Ukrainian military managed to repel Russian troops 100 km from the coast. However, the risk of landing enemy troops and DRG remains.

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