The SBI found 720 tons of frozen meat of Belarusian production at the Odessa customs office: they will use it for the needs of the army

The State Bureau of Investigation continues painstaking work to identify and nationalize the property of the aggressor country and its satellites.

Under the procedural guidance of the Odessa Regional Prosecutor’s Office, employees of the SBI found 36 refrigerators with 720 tons of frozen Belarusian-made meat with a long shelf life at the Odessa Customs.

It was established that the products were brought to the territory of Ukraine in the “transit” mode even before February 24 and were already planned for further shipment abroad.

However, after Russia’s large-scale aggression began, the refrigerators remained at the customs, and their further movement was blocked. All this time, the goods were stored at a private terminal. The customs officials did nothing to timely transfer the detected goods of the aggressor country to the authorized bodies of Ukraine in accordance with the established procedure.

The estimated value of the meat is more than 3.6 million US dollars.

The meat is currently removed. After the qualifying examination is completed, it will be sent to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Investigations are ongoing. In particular, a legal assessment will be given to the actions of customs officials who did not take any necessary measures promptly.

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