The SBU and the National Police recommend that Hasidic pilgrims refrain from visiting Ukraine this year to celebrate Rosh Hashanah

This decision was made jointly with law enforcement agencies of Israel and other responsible bodies of the Ukrainian authorities. This is due to the high probability of missile attacks and actions of the Russian side aimed at destabilizing international relations and harming the international image of Ukraine.

Law enforcement officers carefully check the available information regarding possible threats to the pilgrims’ stay in our country for a timely comprehensive response.

Currently, special attention is focused on the anti-terrorist protection of pilgrimage sites and routes of movement of believers. To this end, counter-sabotage and anti-terrorist measures are being carried out on an ongoing basis, control over the illegal circulation of weapons and dangerous substances has been strengthened, the pilgrimage area and surrounding areas are under 24-hour video surveillance, etc.

Hasidic pilgrims

At the same time, despite all security measures, Russia can use the arrival and mass gathering of pilgrims to stage provocations.

Therefore, in view of the above information, please refrain from traveling to Ukraine. And those who still dare to make the pilgrimage must strictly comply with the requirements of regime measures: curfew, response to air-raid alarms, and follow all law enforcement officials’ instructions. Only in this way can it minimize the existing risks for believers on this important holiday for the Jewish people.

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