The SBU detained a Russian agent who adjusted missile strikes on Zaporizhzhia in exchange for the promise of a “leading position” in case of the city’s occupation

The counter-intelligence of the Security Service conducted a multi-stage special operation to expose and detain an FSB agent who was spying on locations of deployment and movement of units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine near the southern front.

He also collected information about the results of enemy shelling on the objects of Zaporizhzhia’s civilian and critical infrastructure.

In the case of capturing the city, the aggressors promised their supporter one of the leading “positions” in the occupation administration.

And the perpetrator himself planned to join the invaders’ so-called “firing squads” to torture and kill Ukrainian defenders, including fighters of local volunteer formations.

It was established that the traitor was recruited by a personnel employee of the 5th service of the FSB to carry out reconnaissance and subversive activities in the front-line territories of the region.

First of all, the Russian special service was interested in information about the location of the Armed Forces units, the number of their personnel and equipment, “reports” about missile strikes on urban buildings.

To transmit intelligence, the agent used a specially created anonymous Telegram channel. In his “reports” he described his observations, accompanying them with photographs of objects.

The occupiers used the obtained materials to adjust fire strikes on Zaporizhzhia and plan sabotage.

For the execution of criminal tasks, the perpetrator received money from his curator through electronic transfers.

During searches of the detainee’s residence, law enforcement officers discovered:

  • mobile phones used to communicate with the Russian “coordinator”;
  • the bank card where the money from the FSB was received.

Currently, the detainee has been notified of suspicion of treason committed under martial law. He was remanded in custody.

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