The SBU exposed a Russian agent who tried to commit sabotage against Ukrainian military positions in the south

The Security Service of Ukraine exposed and prevented acts of sabotage against units of the defense forces.

In particular, a Russian agent was neutralized in the Kherson region, who was tasked with locating the Armed Forces’ positions and detonating part of the ammunition.

For committing sabotage, the occupiers promised their accomplice a “reward” in the amount of UAH 30,000.

It was established that the traitor was a recidivist who was repeatedly convicted of severe crimes, including murder.

The man came into the aggressor’s field of vision because of his pro-Russian views, which he expressed among others, particularly in criminal circles.

During the detention, a mobile phone containing the contact information of an officer of the Russian special services was found in the perpetrator’s possession.

Currently, the detainee has been notified of the suspicion of treason committed under martial law, and a preventive measure in the form of detention has been chosen.

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